ECM Media is all about supporting our bloggers, as entrepreneurs, influencers, and through friendship. Here’s what our members have to say about us!

I love being part of ECM! The support we’ve received and the friendships we’ve made in this group have been everything. In a digital world that can often feel isolated, it’s so meaningful to a place where we can connect, share, and encourage one another. I’ve been part of ECM since I started and am so grateful for the people I’ve met through this group!

Sara – Dashboard Living

The community I found among the ECM Media network has changed the course of my blog for good. I had been blogging blindly for years, with no idea how to tap into some of the opportunities out there, or honestly, even that there were opportunities out there for an East Coast blogger like myself. These fellow bloggers have become my sounding board, my mentors and most importantly my friends. I’m so thankful for this diverse group of people who are each making their mark in the world in their own unique way.  The friendships I have forged through this group and the events that ECM Media puts on, are very meaningful to me. I so appreciate the hard work our leaders put into this community and they ask so little in return.  Proud to be a part of ECM Media.

Lori – Farm Fresh Style

ECM offers a wealth of creative talent to the blogging community. As supporters of BlogJam Atlantic, ECM can be trusted to provide expertise and enthusiasm to every event in which they are a part.

Krista – BlogJam Atlantic

East Coast Mom Media is building a community. This network of writers, influencers, bloggers, and marketing professionals is so much more than a sounding board and clearing house. It is a group of people with a love for the East Coast doing what we do best – creating deep roots that enrich and grow amazing communities by telling our own stories and sharing each others.

Jenna – There’s a Shoe for That

I don’t think I could be a successful blogger without the support of the ECM community! There is so much knowledge, feedback and support, that you feel like part of a team…which is often hard to do when working solo as a blogger.

Jennifer – Simple Local Life

With all the negativity on the internet, it is wonderful to be part of such a supportive community. When we help each other, we all benefit.

Gina – East Coast Mommy

I belong to other groups that are great for sharing posts or reading “files” but THIS group looks to help you, get to know you and we all actually get to know each other’s blogs and try to work together.
Working alone at home is hard enough. ECM Media helps me feel a part of something bigger as a blogger. We are a close knit group and have our arms open to welcome more people at the same time!

Ruth Ann